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Press Release: Representative Greg Smith Encourages Firearm Safety

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 11, 2022 Representative Greg Smith Encourages Firearm Safety

Heppner, OR - The National Rifle Association (NRA) offers various firearm safety opportunities at the regional level, including but not limited to, pistol training, rifle training, shotgun training, self defense training, and home firearm safety training. Due to increased demand, the NRA has added more of these local courses. "As a staunch supporter of the second amendment, I believe firearm safety is of the utmost importance and would encourage all of my fellow gun owners to attend a course" said Representative Greg Smith (R-Heppner), "I would also recommend that all of my non gun-owning constituents consider attending one of these invaluable courses." ### CONTACT INFORMATION: Representative Greg Smith 541-993-5236

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